Best Budged Samsung Phones in 2021

Samsung always provide valuable products to their customers. Samsung Phones are always best in terms of display build quality and battery life. Samsung is reliable that is why people trust Samsung. Samsung provide both flag ship and budget phones to their customers. Samsung A series provide combination of flagship and budget. We will discuss A52 and A72 phones which are very famous and people mostly buy these two phones. These phones are reliable and comes with in consumers budged. Phone price is not heavy on users’ pocket and every one can afford these phones.

Difference between Samsung A52 and A72

Both phones are same in looks and camera the only difference is between them is Screen size and battery. Samsung 52 has 4500 mAh battery and Samsung A72 has 5000 mAh battery. Samsung A52 is smaller in size and A72 come with slightly bigger screen. Both phones have super AMOLED display. Samsung A72 camera looks better then Samsung A52.

Which we buy Samsung A52 or Samsung A72

Both phones are worth of money but we recommend to buy Samsung A72 because of its battery life and bigger screen than A52. Samsung A72 feels good in hands and feel expensive. Black Awesome color is best looking color.

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