Improve your driving experience with the GANGMU TEC Wireless Car Charger.

Improve your driving experience with the GANGMU TEC Wireless Car Charger.
Price $159

Charge your iPhone with confidence using GANGMU TEC's MFi Certified Wireless Charger. The perfect harmony of safety, style, and innovation for your driving pleasure.

Experience driving like never before with the unparalleled convenience and innovation of the GANGMU TEC Wireless Car Charger. This cutting-edge accessory seamlessly integrates into your vehicle's interior, offering a stylish upgrade and enhancing the overall driving experience.

Design and Compatibility:

Say goodbye to wire clutter with the streamlined design of the GANGMU TEC Wireless Car Charger. Specially designed to fit Volvo models (2015-2023 XC90, 2018-2023 XC60, 2017-2023 S90, 2017-2023 V90, 2020-2023 V60 & S60), this charger effortlessly blends with your car's aesthetics, creating a sleek and modern look.Volvo Wireless Charger

MFi Certification:

Designed exclusively for iPhone users with QI wireless charging functionality, the GANGMU TEC charger is MFi certified to ensure maximum compatibility and efficiency. From the iPhone 14 Pro to the iPhone 8, this charger delivers a seamless and reliable charging experience. For optimal performance, it is highly recommended for use with iPhone 12 and newer models.iPhone Wireless Charger

Installation Process:

Experience hassle-free installation with the plug-and-play design of the GANGMU TEC Wireless Car Charger. However, please note that the Cup Holder Slide Cover may be obstructed after installation, so it's essential to verify the functionality of the car charger connector beforehand to ensure a smooth integration.

Magnetic Charging Technology:

Powered by innovative Magnetic Ring technology on the Charging Plate, the GANGMU TEC charger guarantees the stability of your phone even during dynamic driving conditions. Bid farewell to the annoyance of a shaking phone during sudden braking or changes in speed.

Safety Features:

Prioritizing safety, GANGMU TEC conducts rigorous product testing to ensure reliability on the road. The charger is equipped with an On & Off Switch, granting users control over the charging process and adding an extra layer of safety during driving.

What's in the Box:

The GANGMU TEC Wireless Car Charger package keeps things simple, including only the Wireless Charger itself. This minimalist approach ensures a straightforward experience for users, focusing solely on the charger's core functionality.


Revolutionize your driving experience with the GANGMU TEC Wireless Car Charger. Combining sleek design, MFi certification, and magnetic charging technology, this accessory epitomizes convenience, style, and innovation. Elevate your journey, turning it into an extraordinary experience with GANGMU TEC.

With the Wireless Car Charger, GANGMU TEC has taken car charging innovation to the next level, offering a premium solution for your vehicle's interior upgrade. Enjoy iPhone wireless charging and a streamlined accessory that seamlessly integrates into your car, providing a convenient and stylish charging experience.

The GANGMU TEC Charger is specifically designed for Volvo models, ensuring compatibility and a perfect fit for these vehicles. Enjoy safe driving with this reliable and high-performance auto accessory.

The MAGNETIC CHARGING TECHNOLOGY of the GANGMU TEC Charger ensures stability and convenience while driving. With a Volvocompatible charger and a magnetic ring for phone stability, this charger offers a truly seamless iPhone wireless charging experience.

Experience a simplified installation process with this seamless installation charger. Enjoy a safe and stylish car interior upgrade with the GANGMU TEC Charger, a driving convenience gadget that enhances your overall driving experience. The charger is MFi certified, guaranteeing reliable and efficient wireless charging for your iPhone.

Don't settle for subpar car chargers. Upgrade to the GANGMU TEC wireless car charger, the best wireless car charger for Volvo. Compatible even with the latest iPhone 14 Pro, this charger offers a streamlined design for car interiors, making it a must-have car accessory.

Install the wireless charger with ease and convenience, thanks to its easy installation process. The magnetic ring stability for your phone ensures safe driving, and the on and off switch adds an extra layer of security and control during your drive.

Read the GANGMU TEC Charger review and discover why it is a user-friendly car charging solution that simplifies your drive. This charging innovation for the iPhone 12 and other compatible models will transform your driving experience.

Simplify your drive with GANGMU TEC, offering a wireless phone charging magnetic plate with specifications designed to enhance your charging experience. With its seamless integration, superior performance, and reliable wireless charging, GANGMU TEC is the ultimate solution for your car charging needs.MFi Wireless ChargerVolvo XC60 XC90

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