Samsung Galaxy S24 Trouble with Android Auto Compatibility

The Samsung Galaxy S24 series, the latest set of fancy smartphones from Samsung, is garnering a lot of attention due to its amazing features and outstanding performance. But here it is - some people run into problems when they try to use Android Auto with certain cars, especially those made by Volkswagen, Skoda and SEAT.

So, What's the Problem?

Ok, so some people with a Galaxy S24 are saying they can't connect their phone to their Volkswagen, Skoda, or SEAT cars using Android Auto. That's a big deal, and it's happening to very few people. Samsung in the UK has even created a dedicated support page for this issue.

Why is this happening?

The problem seems to be about how IP addresses work when you're using Android Auto. Google changed the way it uses IP addresses for hotspots starting with Android 11, but Volkswagen didn't catch the change. So, due to this, Android Auto is working in their cars.

What's Samsung Doing About It?

Samsung is aware of the issue, and they're saying it's not their fault or Google's. They are blaming the cars. Samsung recommends that users try different things to fix this, such as using different USB cables, checking if there is a setting in the car's entertainment system that is blocking Android Auto, and Make sure the Android Auto app on the Galaxy S24 is up to date.

Is There a Fix?

Good news – car companies Volkswagen, Skoda, and Seat have all confirmed that they are working on updates for their cars. Once these updates are out, they should resolve the issue, and people can happily use Android Auto with their Galaxy S24 phones and these cars.

In short, while the Samsung Galaxy S24 is great, there may be glitches when trying to use Android Auto with some car models. But hey, car companies are on it, and soon everything should be updated to work smoothly.

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