New Windows 11 Head Phone disconnect problem

Every one excited for Windows 11 but users are facing some issues with Windows 11. Where users are discussing various issues about windows 11. There is one which frustrate users the most. When ever you disconnect head phone from your desktop / Laptop you have to restart your device to make them work. Head Phone stop working when they are reconnected with PC / Laptop.

Where windows 11 brings new features and awesome looking themes. Its also brings some issues for the users. People like Windows because of its flexibility and user-friendly behavior. Windows platform is best for students and new developers because you can do what ever you want to.

No updates from Microsoft has been issued regarding fixing of these issues but those who like Windows 11 this is not a big deal.


There is no solution i can found for this problem. The only solution is when ever you disconnect and reconnect headphones you always have to restart your pc.

Experts are invited to discuss the issue.

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