Samsung Galaxy A20 best budget phone with all the basics

Samsung A20 is best budget phone in 2022.Phone has best display best speed processor. You can use it either for gaming photos and videos. Samsung A series is best known for his camera and display despite its mid range price. Samsung is improving its A series over and over and now a days these phones have IP68 rating as well.

Samsung A20 Software Solution:-

Samsung phones are very easy to flash if some how their software become corrupt. Samsung Phones can easily be flashed with Odin. Odin is free software to flash all Samsung phones. Odin has some restriction that this software cannot unlock your phone and cannot remove FRP locks.

How to Flash Samsung A20:-

Download latest firmware from down below for your phone.

Download cable drivers for your phone.

Download Odin for your PC

Install Odin to your pc and cable drivers. After that restart your phone and by pressing power menu and volume down button you can put your phone on download mode. connect your phone with odin. Select required file for your phone and start flashing.


Don't mess with Pit files it can damage your phone.

Don't mess with EFS files these files contain IMEI information which can't be recovered.

Odin can't unlock your phone or Remove FRP locks

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