Samsung Start Manufacturing its Phones in Pakistan

Two Galaxy S21 FE 5G phones seen standing upright, one seen from the rear and one seen from the front with a full battery icon onscreen. The phones stand within a clock to demonstrate the long-lasting battery.

Its true that business is better then any thing else to earn money and make yourself in financially in better position. Its true that no previous Government in Pakistan look into these things and never try to bring businesses in Pakistan. PTA taxes make imports difficult and which also make economy better. These Taxes also encourage investors to invest in Pakistan and make there products in the country. Samsung, Vivo and Tecno are first one to start manufacturing phones in Pakistan.

Consumers can get better phones on Low prices. This step will low the prices of phones in Pakistan and every one can buy a better phone for him. This will also decrease in unemployment in Pakistan. People will get new jobs. We hope that Pakistan Government will soon try to bring another Giants Apple and Google in Pakistan. Google is internet Giant and Apple is best in Making phones, MacBook's and iMac computers. If these companies also come into Pakistan then Pakistan with talented and Genius people will get more success Insha Allah. We Hope Pakistan will make progress in economy and decrees numbers in un employment.

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