Power Up Your Devices with the INIU I622 PD PPS 45W USB-C Super Fast Charger at an Unbeatable Price

Power Up Your Devices with the INIU I622 PD PPS 45W USB-C Super Fast Charger at an Unbeatable Price
Price $18

Get the INIU I622 PD PPS 45W USB-C Super Fast Charger at an unbeatable price of only $18. Experience lightning-fast charging speeds, dual USB-C ports, universal compatibility, and intelligent temperature monitoring for ultimate safety. With over 38 million satisfied users worldwide, INIU guarantees high-quality materials and offers a 3-year replacement warranty. Don't miss out on this compact and powerful charging solution!

Introduction: Looking for a high-quality, super-fast charger that can handle all your power-hungry devices? Look no further than the INIU I622 PD PPS 45W USB-C Super Fast Charger. With its cutting-edge technology and impressive charging capabilities, this charger is a must-have accessory for anyone seeking efficient and reliable charging solutions. Join over 38 million satisfied customers worldwide who trust INIU for their charging needs.

GaN Ⅱ 45W Dual USB C


Heading 1: Experience the Safest and Most Reliable Charging

From INIU — the SAFE Fast Charge Pro INIU is renowned for providing safe and reliable charging solutions to millions of users worldwide. With the I622 charger, you can experience worry-free charging thanks to the high-quality materials used in its construction. We are so confident in our product's quality that we offer a 3-year guarantee. If you encounter any quality issues, we will promptly replace your charger, no questions asked.

2  Port


Heading 2: Lightning-Fast Charging Speeds with GaN 45W Technology

GaN 45W Speeds Up Per Charging The INIU I622 charger utilizes advanced GaN 45W technology, delivering blazing-fast charging speeds that surpass even the newest device's maximum power requirements. Charge your iPhone 14 up to 89% or Samsung S22 Ultra to 92% in just 30 minutes. In comparison, traditional 20W chargers only achieve a meager 37% charge in the same timeframe. Additionally, the I622 charger can rapidly charge your MacBook Air to 71% in just one hour.


Go Greener with INIU

Heading 3: Dual USB-C Ports for Simultaneous High-Speed Charging

Dual USB-C Fast Fill 2 At Once Don't fret about running out of USB-C ports for your latest C-to-C or C-to-Lightning devices. The INIU I622 charger is equipped with dual USB-C ports that smartly distribute power to two devices simultaneously. Say goodbye to waiting around for your devices to charge one by one. With the I622 charger, you can save up to an hour of charging time when charging two devices simultaneously.

GaNⅡ Tech for Total Peace of Mind

Heading 4: Intelligent Temperature Monitoring for Ultimate Safety

Monitors Temp 3.2 Million Times/Day Your safety and the protection of your devices are paramount. That's why the INIU I622 charger features INIU's proprietary GaN Ⅱ Tech, which intelligently monitors temperature over 3.2 million times per day. This advanced technology prevents overheating, reducing the risk of fire and battery damage. Trust INIU to keep you and your devices safe while charging.

Tired of Chargers Bulky and Scratch-prone?

Heading 5: Universal Compatibility for a Wide Range of Devices

Works with Over 1000+ Devices No matter the size or brand of your device, the INIU I622 charger seamlessly works with over 1000+ devices, including smartphones, tablets, laptops, and all upcoming USB-C devices. Its 90° foldable plug design ensures compatibility with various outlets and allows for easy storage and portability.


one charger all covered

Heading 6: Compact Design with Double the Power

2X Power in Downsized Cube Say goodbye to bulky chargers that occupy precious outlet space. The INIU I622 PowerCube harnesses the power of GaN Ⅱ Tech, enabling a 53% reduction in size compared to traditional 20W chargers, all while delivering double the power output. Enjoy 45W of charging power in a compact and travel-friendly design.

3-year replacement promise

Heading 7: What's Included and Our Guarantee


What You Get With your purchase of the INIU I622

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