Samsung Galaxy A35 5G vs Samsung Galaxy A15 5G Which Smartphone Suits You Best?

Samsung's Galaxy A series is renowned for delivering feature-rich smartphones at affordable prices. In this comprehensive comparison, we pit two of their latest offerings, the Samsung Galaxy A35 5G and the Samsung Galaxy A15 5G, against each other to help you make an informed decision.

Price and Affordability

The Samsung Galaxy A15 5G comes in as the more budget-friendly option, priced at just £199. Meanwhile, the newer Samsung Galaxy A35 5G commands a slightly higher price tag, starting at £339. However, the enhanced specifications and features of the Galaxy A35 5G justify its higher cost.

Performance and Chipset

Powering the Galaxy A35 5G is the Exynos 1380 chipset, while the Samsung Galaxy A15 5G utilizes the MediaTek Helio G99 chip. With its 4 cores capable of reaching a peak frequency of 2.4GHz, the Exynos 1380 outperforms the MediaTek chipset, which maxes out at 2.2GHz. This suggests that the Galaxy A35 5G offers superior performance.

Camera Capabilities

Both smartphones feature a three-sensor rear camera setup, but notable differences exist. The Samsung Galaxy A35 5G supports 4K video recording at 30fps or 60fps at 1080p resolution. In contrast, the Samsung Galaxy A15 5G is limited to recording video in 1080p at 30fps. Additionally, the Galaxy A35 5G boasts optical image stabilization (OIS) and video digital image stabilization (VDIS), ensuring smoother captures, features absent in the Galaxy A15 5G.

Water Resistance

Unlike the Galaxy A35 5G, the Samsung Galaxy A15 5G does not offer any water resistance, a crucial factor for users seeking a durable and resilient device.

Final Talks

Both the Samsung Galaxy A35 5G and Samsung Galaxy A15 5G present compelling options at their respective price points. If you prioritize superior performance, camera capabilities, and water resistance, the Galaxy A35 5G is worth the extra investment. However, if budget constraints are a concern, the Galaxy A15 5G still offers commendable performance and camera features. Ultimately, your choice should align with your specific needs and budgetary considerations.

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