Best Credit Cards in Pakistan

No one want to carry cash along with him in these days and world is moving towards cash less environment. Pakistan banks offers different types of cards with different cash limits. Green Silver and Gold cards are offered by Pakistan banks which have different cash limit.

Bank Alfalah Credit Card

Bank Alfalah offer its credit card variety of Credit Cards and without any annual fee. You can use Bank Alfalah Credit Cards without worrying about any of annual fee charges. Bank Alfalah keep its customers update regarding upcoming products offer by dealers on installments. Bank Alfalah offers very easy installment planes for its customers. You can buy product and pay on easy installments which you chose with 2000 PKR of processing fee. Bank Alfalah also offer insurance planes for its customers if any thing happens to their customers.

HBL Credit Cards.

HBL also offers variety of Credit Cards to their customers but they also charge annual fee to their customers which is varies on how much limit is on your credit card. You have to pay 50,000 PKR on Gold Credit Cards. It is maximum annual fee on credit cards. HBL offers Green Credit Cards to their customer which is best and have minimum 4000 PKR of annual fee. HBL also offers many products to their customers to buy on installments. HBL account holders can also pay their own card payments online and also other cards payments from their HBL internet banking.

Silk Bank Credit Cards.

Silk Bank is trying to hold the market of credit cards. Silk bank has the same offers but they also offer cash to their customers to buy any thing which don’t have card swamping machines or other issues. Silk Bank transfers amount to their customers account which can be in any bank and customer will return that money on installments. Silk bank also offers ready cash which is the same as we discussed above they transfer cash instead of giving Credit Cards to their Customers.

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