Web Hosting in Pakistan which is best?

Every software developer want to experience and diversify his work experience by hosting his own website and share his ideas around the world. Due to Covid-19 every one moving their businesses online which is also the best because every one can earn for their families from home. All of that these opportunities also bring some challenges for web developers which hosting company is best for his website. We are only discusses name cheap and GoDaddy. Users can share their experience of their hosting companies.

GoDaddy Hosting

GoDaddy is playing very important role in web hosting companies by offering his best to the users. When you visit GoDaddy website you will be unable to move back without purchasing one of there products. GoDaddy is expensive for SSL but its cheap in shared hosting and VPS. GoDaddy provides both Linux and windows shared hosting which is cheap and reliable. If you are beginner then you must try GoDaddy shared hosting which is cheap and they provide best support to their customers. You can solve issue with your hosting by making calls or by chat. On the other hand GoDaddy VPS hosting is best for more complex websites and its very fast on cheap rates with 99.99 up time. There are many options in VPS hosting with which you can chose best for your website.

Name Cheap Hosing

Name cheap provide very cheap rates for their customers. Name cheap don't have very best support for their customers many complaints on internet are in discussion. Name Cheap has very best rates for their SSL. You can buy SSL form Name Cheap they also offer customers to try their WordPress hosting for a month on trial bases. Name Cheap only offers Linux hosting for their customers. If someone really wants to test and debug his web application and want to host it on cheap rate then Name Cheap is best.

what about Host Gator?