Samsung's AI Revolution: One UI 6.1

Samsung's One UI is its custom Android skin known for its user-friendliness and wealth of features. The company regularly rolls out major updates, and the latest iteration, One UI 6.1, brings a significant focus to artificial intelligence (AI) enhancements. Let's dive into everything this update has to offer!

Brief Introduction to One UI 6.1 and Release Date

One UI 6.1, unveiled in early 2024, introduced the concept of 'Galaxy AI' as its cornerstone feature. The update has gradually rolled out to eligible Galaxy devices, starting in late March 2024.

Key Features of One UI 6.1

The centerpiece of One UI 6.1 is Galaxy AI. It's a suite of AI-powered tools aimed at elevating various aspects of your Samsung device usage. Let's break down how this technology boosts your experience across communication, productivity, and creativity.

Galaxy AI: Enhancing Communication, Productivity, and Creativity

  1. Communication

    • Intelligent Conversation Analysis: Galaxy AI analyzes your conversations on the fly to provide contextually relevant suggestions or actions. Say you're discussing a meet-up time; Galaxy AI could offer to create a calendar event for you.
  2. Productivity

    • Smart Task Prioritization: Your Galaxy device learns your usage patterns to anticipate and prioritize tasks. If you typically open a specific work app in the morning, One UI 6.1 with Galaxy AI might place it prominently for quick access.
    • Enhanced File Management: Galaxy AI intelligently sorts your files, photos, and videos. It can suggest groupings based on content or even create summaries of long documents to save you time.
  3. Creativity

    • AI-Powered Photo Editing: Galaxy AI turns basic photo edits into a breeze. It smartly suggests enhancements, allows background removal with a single tap, or transforms everyday photos into stylized art pieces.
    • Creative Video Tools: Shoot amateur videos like a pro with Galaxy AI. It can stabilize shaky footage, suggest dramatic transitions, or even create highlight reels from your lengthy recordings.

New Features and Improvements in One UI 6.1

Beyond Galaxy AI, One UI 6.1 has a bevy of smaller refinements you'll enjoy:

  • Refreshed Widgets: Widgets look cleaner and more customizable, giving your home screen a modern touch.
  • Expanded Quick Settings: Access more settings directly from the notification shade, reducing the need to dive into menus.
  • Smarter Routines: Routines (Samsung's automation tool) gets an intelligence boost. You can create elaborate multi-step routines based on intricate triggers.
  • Samsung DeX Refinements: If you use a compatible Samsung device with an external display, DeX (desktop-like mode) offers a smoother, more intuitive experience.

Galaxy AI Features

Let's explore Galaxy AI's most exciting capabilities across its three core areas:

  • Communication

    • Live Translation with Context: Galaxy AI can translate ongoing conversations with greater accuracy, understanding nuances and slang to offer a more natural translation.
    • AI-Assisted Noise Reduction: During calls, Galaxy AI works its magic to suppress background noise, ensuring your voice comes through crystal clear.
  • Productivity

    • Quick Note Summarization: Galaxy AI in Notes can break down lengthy notes into easily digestible summaries, perfect for meetings or presentations.
    • App Pairing Suggestions: If you frequently use certain apps together, Galaxy AI will suggest creating app pairs for easy access.
  • Creativity

    • Object Eraser++: Removing unwanted people or objects from photos gets better. Galaxy AI can now intelligently handle shadows and reflections for pristine results.
    • AI-Generated Stickers: Turn your selfies into fun stickers with unique expressions, guided by Galaxy AI.

Device Compatibility

Most high-end and mid-range Galaxy devices released in 2023 and onward are eligible for the One UI 6.1 update with Galaxy AI. This includes:

  • Galaxy S23 Series
  • Galaxy S24 Series
  • Galaxy Z Fold Series (from Z Fold5 onwards)
  • Galaxy Z Flip Series (from Z Flip5 onwards)
  • Galaxy Tab S Series (from Tab S9 onwards)

Rollout Timeline

The rollout of One UI 6.1 followed a staggered schedule based on device models and regions. Most supported devices received the update by the end of April 2024.

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